Legislative Committee

This committee is responsible for:  (1) Reviewing and taking “support” or “oppose” positions on state legislation that may affect veterans; sending support/oppose letters to legislators; testifying; and, lobbying State legislators (the same can be done in response to specific bill requests on congressional legislation); (2) Initiating legislation, securing a sponsor to introduce it, and lobbying to get them signed into law; (3) Monitoring state legislators for their actions regarding Veterans issues presented to them and issuing an annual Legislative Report Card that summarizes, by grade, how all Democrats in the State Legislature voted on bills the Caucus took a position on; (4) Updating the Veterans Caucus Plank of the California Democratic Party on odd-numbered years; (5) Recommending resolutions to the Veterans Caucus membership and the California Democratic Party; and, (6) Performing other tasks referred to it by the Executive Board or General Membership.  


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