Congratulations to our new Board Members!

2019 -2020 Election Results
Caucus Chair

Jillynn Molina-Williams

* acting First Vice-Chair

George Perezvelez

Second Vice-Chair

Dr. Crystal Jackson


Shelissa Williams


Kelsey Presnall

* Parliamentarian

Ron Cohen

* Vice-Chair northern


Vice-Chair central

Cullen Tiernan

Vice-Chair southern

Michelle Gomez

Please Note:

Arturo Flores (Parliamentarian) resigned effective 8/14/2019

Eric Gudz (Vice-Chair Northern) resigned effective 8/30/2019

Sgt-at-Arms position removed on Mar 28, 2020 with Bylaws Update

Robert Leahy (First Vice Chair) resigned 4/9/2020

* Ron Cohen elected on Mar 28, 2020 as Parliamentarian

* George Perezvelez elected on Mar 28, 2020 as Vice-Chair Northern

* George Perezvelez was appointed by the Exec Committee as Acting First Vice Chair on May 9, 2020

* George Perezveles resigned his position as Vice-Chair Northern to accept the appointment as Acting First Vice Chair  on May 9, 2020