What Do We Do?

Any caucus of the California Democratic Party (CDP) is a branch of the CDP that ensures representation of their specific issue(s) within the party structure. Specifically, the Veterans Caucus provides a strong voice and representation within the party structure for Veterans, promotes the welfare of Veterans through effective legislation, and, encourages Veterans to participate fully as Democrats at all levels of policy making and public service.

Who Are We?

We are Veterans and civilians who are Democrats and live in California. We come from all areas of the state, all branches of the services and all periods of war and peacetime service. We are united here for the purpose of going further than the non-profit organizations who serve our Veterans by crossing political barriers and ensuring that those running for, and elected to, office are well aware of our needs and issues.

How Do I Join?

Joining the Caucus is easy. You only have to be a registered Democrat in the State of California, and pay your dues or be granted an economic hardship waiver on line at www.cadem.org. Our membership consists of both Veterans and those who believe in supporting Veterans and their issues within the CDP.

How Are We Organized?

This Caucus operates within the California Democratic Party’s Bylaws and under our own Caucus Bylaws.  Our Executive Board is comprised of ten elected officers:  (1) Chair, (2) 1st Vice Chair, (3) 2nd Vice Chair, (4) Secretary and (5) Treasurer, (6) Parliamentarian, (7) Sgt-at-arms  and three Regional Vice chairs Northern, Central and Southern.  Officers are elected at the Caucus meeting during odd-numbered years at the meeting held in conjunction with the California Democratic Party’s conventions.  All officers are voting members of the Caucus and the Chair must be a member of the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC). 

We also have Appointed Officers who lead our committees, perform specific services for the caucus and provide invaluable help where needed.  These officers participate during Executive Board meetings.

When Do We Meet?

Regular Veterans Caucus membership meetings coincide with the annual California Democratic Party Convention and the meetings of the CDP’s Executive Board, which meets a minimum of three times during each year.  These caucus meetings are open to all members of the California Democratic Party and members who can attend are able to exercise their full voting and membership rights.  Additionally, monthly teleconferences of the Executive Board occur on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm.  If you are a member, you are invited to listen in to any of the teleconference meetings.